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About Paila Foundation

Paila Foundation is non-profit Trust working for the welfare of the rural communities & urban poor and for the protection of the natural resources and environment of the Eastern Ghats of Andhra Pradesh. Paila Foundation formally registered under Trust Act and started the activities in 2007 in Visakhapatnam District of Andhra Pradesh.
Paila Foundation established to improve the conditions of poor people in the fields of Education, Health and Community Development. Our support through these issues helps us touch the lives of a wider section of beneficiaries such as Rural Agriculture families, Tribal Communities, children, youth, the specially challenged, women and the elderly.

Our Mission

Support the rural people through various welfare programmes and educate them to bring a good quality of change in their lives.

Our Vision

To bring change in the lives of the rural people of Visakhapatnam District in Andhra Pradesh.

Our Values

• Fallow transparency
• Trust pro-democracy.
• Participatory implementation.

Paila Foundation Services

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    Health & Drinking Water

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    Quality Education for Rural Children

  • Women Empowerment

  • Food Security & Agriculture

  • Protect Natural Resources

  • Smart Village – Smart Andhra Pradesh


Paila Foundation Team implementing fallowing activities to promote education in Paderu ITDA Area 

  • Assist children and create awareness to people belongs to backward section  in enrolment into government residential and primary schools
  • Extend support to quality education in Government Schools and their curriculum
  • promote traditional culture through education & Jathas in Govt Schools
  • Support higher education for commendable rural students through Govt Schemes

Health & Drinking Water 
Paila Foundation Team monitor & assist in the below activities to provide safe driniking water & Health facilities for tribal people in Paderu ITDA Area 

  • Provide Safe Drinking water to Rural Area
  • Awareness campaigns on seasonal deceases
  •  Mega Medical Camps every year 
  • Training for Community Health Workers
  • Promotion of rural traditional health knowledge systems
  • Referral Services to district and state public hospitals
  • Advocacy  on rural health policies
  • Social health counselling for girls in villages

Women issues   
Paila Foundation Team assist for below activities to facilitate legal and moral support for tribal & urban poor women in Visakhapatnam District  

  • Awareness campaigns on Early Child Marrieges
  • Advocacy on women rights Issues
  • Improve women participation in Panchayati Raj Inistitutions
  • Training for rural women to take leadership in governance institutions
  • Free Legal Aid for needy Women:

Food Security & Agriculture
Paila Foundation Team assist for rural farmers in Visakhapatnam District

  • Promote Traditional Agriculture Practices
  • Training for Farmers on organic farming methods
  • Monitor Govt Welfare Schemes for food security
  • Assist farmers to get Govt subsidy programmes
  • Monitor the implementation of food security schemes

Support for Tribal Welfare
Paila Foundation Team advocate the fallowing issues to strengthen tribal village institutions

  • Support collective actions among Tribal PRIs
  • Support Inistitutional Building at Grama Sabha level
  • Create Awareness on Panchayati Raj & Forest Rights
  • Campaign support for PESA & Forest Rights Implementation
  • Trainings for Grassroot Leaders in PR Institutes  

Protect Eastern Ghats
Paila Foundation Team monitor the fallowing issues to protect Natural Resources and Tribal region of Eastern Ghats !

    • Monitor forestry programmes
    • Support Forest Management
    • Networking with Tribal Groups
    • Facilitate research and development support
    • Media & Legal advocacy to protect natural resources

Our Team

    • Founder : Sri Paila Sanyasi Rao

    • Mr. Pyala Prasadarao, Chairman

    • Smt. Pyala Sridevi , Secretary

    • Smt. Badireddi Sarojini, Treasurer

    • Sri EVS Naidu, Trusteee

    • Sri Paila Eswara Rao, Trustee

    • Sri Singampalli Naidu, Trustee

    • Sri Ramulu Kallempudi, Trustee










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Support & Volunteer US

Paila Foundation appends colossal importance to partnership and acknowledges the practice of partnership as a key support of its development approach. Partnership with us seen as a visible structural mechanism for improved reach, local ownership and mutual exchange of ideas, sharing of resources and lasting impact of development.

Name of the Account: Paila Foundation
Account Number: 3580101005488
Bank Name: Syndicate Bank
Branch Address: Dabagardens, Visakhapatnam.
Branch Code: 003580
MICR Code: 530025002


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